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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

We are still alive!

Oct 4, 2009

Hey, everyone!

Our first try at episode 5 was, unfortunately, not usable due to technical difficulties and strange mall acoustics.  We've recorded another, non-horrible, episode 5 that'll be up soon! 

Thanks for your patience!


over fourteen years ago



This is an off topic message but I didn’t know how else to contact you. This is from Girl on The mod permanently banned me which isn’t fair at all. I know you didn’t do it and you arnt a mod, but Im just saying. Anyhoo, the mods arnt responding to my emails. Do you have any ideas?

over fourteen years ago

I don\'t really want to get involved in forum politics. Other than contacting or and explaining your situation/asking for an appeal, there isn\'t a lot I can recommend. There are other RPG sites out there - like or - and those seem to be considerably less moderated.

There\'s not much I can do to help, frankly.