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[J]: So last night at Gen Con they had a 25th birthday party for Drizzt Do'Urden.  For a very small # of you, this will be fairly significant.  Drizzt started as a member of a party of heroes in a trilogy set in TSR's Forgotten Realms setting, and he was the breakout of the group. 

A somber dark elf ranger, exiled from his he had the tortured soul that many alienated teens (or as TSR liked to call them, "customers") found attractive.  Plus, his best friend was a magical cat and he used twin scimitars. All he needed was a 

Drizzt books have spent a chunk of the past two and a half decades on the NYT bestseller list, and author RA Salvatore has covered a lot of ground telling his stories. 

Some fans tend to get a little dismissive of Drizzt & his fans. But he's been a breakthrough character, reaching a large audience.  I think that WotC & Hasbro might want to consider him as a possible anchor character for setting up a media empire, like Marvel did with Iron Man.

The biggest issue is the whole "dark elf" thing, which if you saw Community’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, can be… problematic

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We have our Rush t-shirts and a new year has started. It's time to reconnect with you, our treasured listeners, and just barely fail to talk in-depth about the amazing comic "Saga". We will, however, cover some games, a visit from a dear friend, and a movie or two.

1. (1:00) Star Wars Edge of Empire RPG

- It's Firefly and Futurama, with Funny Dice (dice app)

- Ilan's specious comparisons to FATE and Cortex

- Compared to Star Wars Saga Edition?

- Fantasy Flight will be releasing the game in a manner similar to their 40k system

- Notes on the "Edge of the Empire" setting

2. (11:20) Jerome Comeau, King of Tokyo

- Welcome to Toronto, Jerome Comeau!

- Sauced: since we last podcasted, they began and ended, and put out as many episodes as we ever did. Ever!

- Poutineries in Toronto: Smoke's and Poutini's. Ilan's Daiya Cheesemongering.

- How King of Tokyo works - rules, and dice.

3. (17:00) Other two-player games

- Spot It

- Kahuna ("A Full Web")

- Burger Joint

4. (20:00) Sentinels of the Multiverse

- That's what those crackling noises were, Ilan unpacking it.

- All about Sentinels of the Multiverse, how it works.

- That it's the Kickstartered second edition.

- As a single-player game.

5. (23:50) HALO 4

- Co-op gameplay, playing online.

- Thinking back on ODST, Reach.

6. (26:00) Brief return to Sentinels of the Multiverse

- Character design

- Comparison to Fantasy Flight's "Death Angel"

7. (27:25) Movies: Argo, Kirby

- Argo. "Made in Canada", but "you have to change history". Alan Arkin and John Goodman.

- Jack Kirby's storyboards. And Devil Dinosaur.

- "Cashing in on the Sci-fi craze."

- Did it succeed in nuance and balance? Are any historical movies "true"?

8. (35:00) Skyfall, and Ken and Robin

- Skyfall. What's the authoritative James Bond?

- Plug for "Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff"

- Did Skyfall have the things you need to have a James Bond movie?

- Character of "Eve" - a female character in a James Bond movie

9. (39:00) Quick Saga Chat, with a promise of more

- We'll do Saga next episode in depth.

- Worth a reread and good for sharing, at Image Starter Pricing ($10)

- Pricing on trades!

- Incal and Lost riding a dinosaur through rocket-ship forest; Esperanto-speaking Jedi druids versus winged laser-imperialists, with robot mercenaries and lying cats. All the things are in the book.

- If you don't like it "I will not actually punch you."

- We got a new microphone (Blue Yeti)

- Canadian law on Wendigos

10. (44:00) Signoff, and things to look forward in the future:

- AT SOME POINT FanExpo "lost episode", perhaps edit back together at some point.




- Disney purchase of Lucasfilm in more depth

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