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Episode 6: Space and Time Space and Time - BSG, Space Hulk, The Plan, and Remembrance Day.


Wow did this take a while to upload.

Show notes to follow.

Bottom line is we played some games -- Space Hulk and the BSG Boardgame, saw Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, and realized that it's been one year since we met on a cold Remembrance day, rebooted iPhones by the Queen's Park cenotaph, and sketched out plans to initiate this podcast over at the Free Times Café.

I'll get this all typed up, tooootally.
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Show notes! - rough draft So, check 'em out!  Our show notes.

<img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3519/4024799040_550b8cd3f9_m.jpg">

This is what was taped to the monitor when we recorded episode 5.

Now available - for great edification of all of you.
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Episode 5: Music of the Spheres Music of the Spheres (51 minutes) - Even longer, but we're making up for lost time - and episode!  "Scenes from a Food Court" is recapped, and then we LAUNCH... into Nerd Rock and Space Opera.  The connective tissue is provided by Kirby Krackle (http://www.kirbykracklemusic.com) and their song "Ring Capacity".  We're pretty sure nobody was hurt.

Show Notes:

0:25 Cheers!  (It's just Fruit Juice actually)
1:10 Scenes From a Food Court Recap; Cthulhu Rising
- 2:15 Under the Mountain, Harness your Twinness; Super-Friends with Benefits
- 3:45 Board Game: Arkham Horror
- 4:40 some 3-D Joe Dante Movie
- 6:10 Really, Arkham Horror
- 9:10 Cosmic Encounter! -- and how to teach players race for the galaxy

12:50 Nerd Music Spectacular!
- 12:50 Darkest of the Hillside Thickets -- Spaceship Zero
- 14:05 The Kirby Krackle
- 15:07 Excerpt from Ring Capacity (30 sec)
- 18:25 Back in the '80s
- 19:35 Do You Want to Date My Avatar, and Felicia Day
- 22:15 Pizza Break; My Roommate the Guitar Hero
- 24:10 Glee

26:25 Things to ask Edgar Wright -- and ANTi-Heroes
28:15 Comics
- 28:15 The Incredible Hulk - Penetrating Public Consciousness, Accessibility
- 30:15 Konnecting Kirble Krackle to Kosmick Komicks
- 30:25 Cosmic Heroes!!!
- 30:55 Lensman and Green Lantern
- 33:55 Cosmics: The Blackest Night
- 35:25 Digressions: Animated Stuff, and Secretary
- 37:15 Letdowns: World War Hulk, Mega-Crossovers, Dark Reign
- 38:41 Our First Bleep
- 39:15 Marvel Annihilation! Cosmic Epics Done Right
- 40:44 The Xanadarian World-Mind: are cosmics inaccessible to laymen?
- 44:25 Marvel Cosmics vs. DC Cosmics (Annihilation/Kings vs. Blackest Night)

46:20 Cosmic Roleplaying: Starblazer Adventures
- 48:00 TSR's Marvel Superheroes, FUDGE and FATE

49:45 Coming up next time!  Including "Movies it's okay for Geeks to cry at"
50:10 and we out
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We are still alive! Hey, everyone!

Our first try at episode 5 was, unfortunately, not usable due to technical difficulties and strange mall acoustics.  We've recorded another, non-horrible, episode 5 that'll be up soon! 

Thanks for your patience!

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Episode 4: Neighbours and Numbers Neighbours and Numbers (48 minutes) - This is our longest podcast yet! We didn't have MGK to restrain us this time. Original intention was to review District 9 and Escalation, on a "responsible neighbour" theme. Of course things went wildly out of hand, once we included other media with numerals in the title. We blame the tornado! Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

0:30 The Big Storm, and Smart Cars (about 10 minutes)
2:00 DVDs - Babylon 5 and others
- 2:00 How I Met Your Mother
- 3:00 Babylon 5, lost podcast minutes, and the Battlestar Galactica Board Game

10:45 District 9 - Queens and Prawns (about 15 minutes)
- 17:20 GI JOE
- 23:00 Back to District 9

26:00 Board Games (about 8 minutes)
- 26:00 James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game
- 28:00 Reiner Knizia's Escalation
- 31:00 Reiner Knizia's Colossal Arena

34:00 Role-Playing Games (about 13 minutes)
- 34:00 White Wolf's "New" World of Darkness and Werewolf the Forsaken
- 36:00 The Werewolf Spirit World
- 40:30 Exalted
- 42:30 Spirit of the Century
- 44:30 Desolation and antagonistic GM styles
- 45:00 Our possible Fan Expo games

47:00 Find @squideye and @thebitterguy on Twitter, and rate us on iTunes!
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Episode 3: Mighty Pod King! I knew this would happen!

We recorded this episode a week early, and consequently we remain on our two-week schedule even though we didn't get a chance to record one on our normal schedule.

Next episode: "movies it's okay for geeks to cry at".

Our Internet-famous friend Chris Bird (explosively-talented author and editor of mightygodking.com) came by to make us seem smarter and funnier.  We planned to talk about Matt Fraction, but we diverged and had fun anyway, and nobody was hurt.

WARNING: THIS ONE HAS SWEARING IN IT.  (The parts about Michael Ignatieff and Greg Land, in particular.)

0:25 - Welcome Mighty God King!  Also, Knitting Podcasts. (2 minutes)

3:00 - Board Game: Thurn and Taxis... and zombies? (5 minutes)

7:30 - The Smoothest Segue You'll Ever Hear into Comics, but actually The Toronto Garbage Strike.  (4 minutes)

11:15 - What is a '70s hero?  Is Iron Man one?  (4 minutes)

14:55 - The Nineties: a Time of Ignorance.  Spider-Man's Clone Saga. (4 minutes)

18:25 - We try again to talk about Matt Fraction's Iron Man, but then we talk about Greg Land, and Earth Expansion.  (5 minutes)

23:10 - Iron Fist!  And it's pronounced "Swer-Jin-Ski". (3 minutes)

26:00 - When is it Joe Quesada's fault? Also, how to come back from the dead. (3 minutes)

29:20 - Comic-con!  Tron!  Marvelman Rights!  World War Red She-Hulks!  and... Thunder Agents? (10 minutes)

39:00 - Multiverses! (1 minute)

40:10 - Oh dear lord it's forty minutes, Ilan attempts to point this out but we talk about Bone instead! (4 minutes)

44:00 - Pouches, and farewell (2 minutes)
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Episode 2: From the Earth... to the Moon... of Earth! Behold, our diligence!

We have detailed show notes this time, though they may come out a bit garbled. Still, we are hewing to our iron-clad 2-week schedule, we have something of a theme for this episode, and nobody was hurt.

0:45 Thanks, Listeners

2:00 The Onion: Our Dumb World (2 minutes)

3:50 EcoFluxx (2 minutes)

5:50 Race for the Galaxy: Rebels vs. Imperium (5 minutes)

10:55 Moon (11 minutes)


22:00 Star Wars: Legacy comics (7 minutes)


28:45 ...The Future, Conan? (45 sec)

29:30 A Note on History (45 sec)

30:15 Happy Landings
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Episode 1: So You Think You Can Podcast Episode 1: So you think you can podcast.

We're honestly not sure yet.

Herein, we introduce ourselves.  We discuss The War of 1812 (as rendered by Columbia Games).  We "review" the RiffTrax for 1982's epic "TRON", and we talk a bit about The Bitter Guy's initiation into Star Wars Miniatures.

The most important thing, is that nobody was hurt.
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