Squideye and The Bitter Guy
The Gamut of Geekery in a Canadian Vein

Updates, crowdfunding, freemium games, and fear.

The State of our Lives

Ilan and Justin update you -- the listener -- on the latest and greatest in what we’ve been up to. FanExpo! Live theatre! Mawwiage!

How to Fund your Passion

What hath Crowdfunding wrought? Kickstarted games, comics, movies and games, like Catthulhu, Hillfolk, and Code Monkey Saved World. Expectations, reality, and YOU!

Debt of a Thousand Clicks

Freemium, micropayment-driven gaming models. What’s the difference between so-called “pay-to-win” and the old days of buying physical boosters, expansions and additional minis?

Muppets vs. Cancer

Make Justin face his fear. Fund his dreaded Farscape binge and help blast cancer out of the sky.

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