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Show notes! - rough draft So, check 'em out!  Our show notes.

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This is what was taped to the monitor when we recorded episode 5.

Now available - for great edification of all of you.
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Episode 5: Music of the Spheres Music of the Spheres (51 minutes) - Even longer, but we're making up for lost time - and episode!  "Scenes from a Food Court" is recapped, and then we LAUNCH... into Nerd Rock and Space Opera.  The connective tissue is provided by Kirby Krackle (http://www.kirbykracklemusic.com) and their song "Ring Capacity".  We're pretty sure nobody was hurt.

Show Notes:

0:25 Cheers!  (It's just Fruit Juice actually)
1:10 Scenes From a Food Court Recap; Cthulhu Rising
- 2:15 Under the Mountain, Harness your Twinness; Super-Friends with Benefits
- 3:45 Board Game: Arkham Horror
- 4:40 some 3-D Joe Dante Movie
- 6:10 Really, Arkham Horror
- 9:10 Cosmic Encounter! -- and how to teach players race for the galaxy

12:50 Nerd Music Spectacular!
- 12:50 Darkest of the Hillside Thickets -- Spaceship Zero
- 14:05 The Kirby Krackle
- 15:07 Excerpt from Ring Capacity (30 sec)
- 18:25 Back in the '80s
- 19:35 Do You Want to Date My Avatar, and Felicia Day
- 22:15 Pizza Break; My Roommate the Guitar Hero
- 24:10 Glee

26:25 Things to ask Edgar Wright -- and ANTi-Heroes
28:15 Comics
- 28:15 The Incredible Hulk - Penetrating Public Consciousness, Accessibility
- 30:15 Konnecting Kirble Krackle to Kosmick Komicks
- 30:25 Cosmic Heroes!!!
- 30:55 Lensman and Green Lantern
- 33:55 Cosmics: The Blackest Night
- 35:25 Digressions: Animated Stuff, and Secretary
- 37:15 Letdowns: World War Hulk, Mega-Crossovers, Dark Reign
- 38:41 Our First Bleep
- 39:15 Marvel Annihilation! Cosmic Epics Done Right
- 40:44 The Xanadarian World-Mind: are cosmics inaccessible to laymen?
- 44:25 Marvel Cosmics vs. DC Cosmics (Annihilation/Kings vs. Blackest Night)

46:20 Cosmic Roleplaying: Starblazer Adventures
- 48:00 TSR's Marvel Superheroes, FUDGE and FATE

49:45 Coming up next time!  Including "Movies it's okay for Geeks to cry at"
50:10 and we out
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We are still alive! Hey, everyone!

Our first try at episode 5 was, unfortunately, not usable due to technical difficulties and strange mall acoustics.  We've recorded another, non-horrible, episode 5 that'll be up soon! 

Thanks for your patience!

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