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It's been five years. It's been five long years. We've talked a lot about what we want to talk about and it keeps getting away from us as the world keeps surprising us; but we still want to talk. So here's a placeholder.

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LibSyn is redesigning its pages so we'll spruce this one up to get with the times


Justin and Ilan will be recording a new show soon.


May the fourth of may be with you.

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[J]: So last night at Gen Con they had a 25th birthday party for Drizzt Do'Urden.  For a very small # of you, this will be fairly significant.  Drizzt started as a member of a party of heroes in a trilogy set in TSR's Forgotten Realms setting, and he was the breakout of the group. 

A somber dark elf ranger, exiled from his he had the tortured soul that many alienated teens (or as TSR liked to call them, "customers") found attractive.  Plus, his best friend was a magical cat and he used twin scimitars. All he needed was a 

Drizzt books have spent a chunk of the past two and a half decades on the NYT bestseller list, and author RA Salvatore has covered a lot of ground telling his stories. 

Some fans tend to get a little dismissive of Drizzt & his fans. But he's been a breakthrough character, reaching a large audience.  I think that WotC & Hasbro might want to consider him as a possible anchor character for setting up a media empire, like Marvel did with Iron Man.

The biggest issue is the whole "dark elf" thing, which if you saw Community’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, can be… problematic

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Upcoming episode!

This week, Justin is going to interview Writer Matt Forbeck regarding his new Kickstarter project 12 for 12.

In all likelihood, they'll also talk about gaming and comics and DK encyclopedias.

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Justin took in <a href="http://thebitterguy.livejournal.com/1435945.html">In Time</a>, starring another Justin, and found it to be as interesting for the timing of its release as for its narrative.  

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Low-budget, BBC-funded street-level action/horror movie with a socially-conscientious message, though very litle preaching. I talk at more length over at Stolen Recognizer.

If you get a chance to see this movie, do it so fast.

If you don't get a chance to see it, reflect on what you're missing.

This is the kind of movie that speaks to why horror or science-fiction movies can be interesting as stories, at a human level, rather than as unsettlingly prurient, violent spectacle. This is movie as provocation, not as catharsis.

Also, the kids talk like in Bromwell High.

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One of two new small run SF films we'll be talking about in our next episode.

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Blog superheroine Elana S (the S doesn't stand for anything yet, but consider voting on her blog) has helped illustrate our discussion of The Dufferin Mall.

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Couldn't have even TRIED to say it better myself.

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Show notes! - rough draft So, check 'em out!  Our show notes.

<img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3519/4024799040_550b8cd3f9_m.jpg">

This is what was taped to the monitor when we recorded episode 5.

Now available - for great edification of all of you.
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