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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Nov 30, 2009

Space and Time - BSG, Space Hulk, The Plan, and Remembrance Day.


Wow did this take a while to upload.

Show notes to follow.

Bottom line is we played some games -- Space Hulk and the BSG Boardgame, saw Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, and realized that it's been one year since we met on a cold Remembrance day, rebooted iPhones by the Queen's Park cenotaph, and sketched out plans to initiate this podcast over at the Free Times Café.

I'll get this all typed up, tooootally.

over fourteen years ago

Things I forgot we talked about!

- V: The new TV show. More alien invasions!
- Toxic Avenger: the Musical. More gross sliminess!
- Jonathan Hickman: the Comics. Moral quandaries ahoy!

So, suggested alternate titles for this episode are \"A Series of Unfortunate Invasions\" and \"Get Rid Of Slimy alienS (G.R.O.S.S.)\"