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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Sep 2, 2009

Neighbours and Numbers (48 minutes) - This is our longest podcast yet! We didn't have MGK to restrain us this time. Original intention was to review District 9 and Escalation, on a "responsible neighbour" theme. Of course things went wildly out of hand, once we included other media with numerals in the title. We blame the tornado! Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

0:30 The Big Storm, and Smart Cars (about 10 minutes)
2:00 DVDs - Babylon 5 and others
- 2:00 How I Met Your Mother
- 3:00 Babylon 5, lost podcast minutes, and the Battlestar Galactica Board Game

10:45 District 9 - Queens and Prawns (about 15 minutes)
- 17:20 GI JOE
- 23:00 Back to District 9

26:00 Board Games (about 8 minutes)
- 26:00 James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game
- 28:00 Reiner Knizia's Escalation
- 31:00 Reiner Knizia's Colossal Arena

34:00 Role-Playing Games (about 13 minutes)
- 34:00 White Wolf's "New" World of Darkness and Werewolf the Forsaken
- 36:00 The Werewolf Spirit World
- 40:30 Exalted
- 42:30 Spirit of the Century
- 44:30 Desolation and antagonistic GM styles
- 45:00 Our possible Fan Expo games

47:00 Find @squideye and @thebitterguy on Twitter, and rate us on iTunes!

over fourteen years ago

Eaten by Food Court acoustics and lame netbook microphones! It\'ll be out this week if I can meet with Justin and rerecord.


over fourteen years ago

Another enjoyable \'cast. You guys have a nice rambling flow, following your thoughts where they take you but always pulling back to whatever point you started off on. Keep it up!

over fourteen years ago

So, I very much enjoyed the last \'cast...but when\'s the next one?