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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Jul 13, 2009

Episode 1: So you think you can podcast.

We're honestly not sure yet.

Herein, we introduce ourselves.  We discuss The War of 1812 (as rendered by Columbia Games).  We "review" the RiffTrax for 1982's epic "TRON", and we talk a bit about The Bitter Guy's initiation into Star Wars Miniatures.

The most important thing, is that nobody was hurt.

over fourteen years ago

Where did you get that picture for your web page from?

over fourteen years ago

It is the cover for an electrical outlet backstage at the theatre where I did my Gilbert and Sullivan plays! I thought it looked like a robot face, so I snapped a pic with my cellphone.

It has grown on me since!

I\'m really glad you enjoyed it, Brad!

fourteen and a half years ago

Thanks for the comments, Celia! We may or may not settle on a single rating system. Polearms vs. Sci-Fi Gambling Currency was our first draft.

I think I have a plan for next episode that may unsettle Justin. We shall see! It does sort of involve another actual-play session (which I think we want to make sure we include in each ep.)

We\'ve got a potential guest we\'ve talked to, who would be pretty great. I\'m thinking that featuring folks from the Toronto/Milton comic and game store/club community would be a neat trick.

Frequency-wise I think we\'re aiming for 30 minutes, twice a month, at the moment.

Also, next episode will be broadcast entirely in Klingon*.

* We may employ universal translators

fourteen and a half years ago

Not bad guys. A little rough around the edges but I think you may have something here. I think your Rifftrax review probably needed a little something from the \'trax itself in there. If only that snarky comments are realy what sells it.

Good luck guys, I\'ll be watching for the next installment.

over fourteen years ago

Thanks, guys! That game sounds interesting. Nice job on your first recording! Congratulations!

fourteen and a half years ago

I\'ll say it once, I\'ll say it again to the Squideye:

\"He will join us, or be de-rezzed. END OF LINE.\"

Justin Mohareb
fourteen and a half years ago

Okay, wow, our first commend and it\'s spam. That\'s awesome.

fourteen and a half years ago

Good job, guys. The maiden voyage wasn\'t too bad. Um, I can safely say that your review of 1812(as rendered...) has saved me a considerable time investment. While I don\'t forsee myself miniature army building in the immediate future, I did appreciate your candour.
Suggestions for improved game-play, and your scenario explanations of your experiences, both with SW Minis and even the 1812 game gave me a real sense of thoroughness, on your part(s). I found myself thinking that in addition to game play, and serious strategizing, there was also, perhaps considerable discussion on all elements of the experience, not just, ...\'let\'s try it, and then blab about it.\'
Together you have great chemistry. You play off of each other well.
--> do you really need just 1 rating system? I thought the mishmash rating systems were quite effective :) future material(*nice touch) were all, really good. The evolution of your \'cast, from this point on is what is keeping my inner nerd connected for future editions.