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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Feb 27, 2011

Shownotes for Episode 17 "Optimistic Voices"

With what you've been waiting for.  NEXTWAVE miniatures.  And more.

The news!

  • A bunch of miniatures cancellations
  • D&D, Rackham, Star Wars
  • Things FFG does well
Community: The Official TV Show of SATBG - The D&D Episode
  • Dan Harmon and the Dead Alewives
  • RPGs in the Media
  • So it's on DVD; borrow mine
  • A Classical Fantasy Villain
EPIC SEGUE into WizKids Star Trek
WizKids's new HeroClix set...NEXTWAVE!!!
Other New WizKids
  • -- Vlaada Chvatil designed Mage Knight
  • -- How does Multiple Man work? Tofurky Pizza (thanks, Laura!)
  • -- Kirkman's INVINCIBLE: Repli-Kate
Other New Stuff
  • The King's Speech (HBC as a sane dude)
  • Tim Burton Exhibit at Bell Lightbox
  • Parallels to tortured cartoonists - Etan Muskat, Dan Zabbal
  • 2001 at the Lightbox
  • Movies in between 2001 and Star Wars (Logan's Run, Zardoz)
  • Doctor Who Cold Open. (Search Youtube for that phrase)
Tron Legacy! And other new movies!
  • -- Issues of Control - Clu, the MCP, and Facebook
  • -- Not a HUGE letdown; looked great but a little thin.
  • -- Olivia Wilde: So Great!
  • -- Season of the Witch (Dominic Sena who did Gone in 60 Seconds)