Squideye and The Bitter Guy
The Gamut of Geekery in a Canadian Vein

Shownotes for Episode 17 "Optimistic Voices"

With what you've been waiting for.  NEXTWAVE miniatures.  And more.

The news!

  • A bunch of miniatures cancellations
  • D&D, Rackham, Star Wars
  • Things FFG does well
Community: The Official TV Show of SATBG - The D&D Episode
  • Dan Harmon and the Dead Alewives
  • RPGs in the Media
  • So it's on DVD; borrow mine
  • A Classical Fantasy Villain
EPIC SEGUE into WizKids Star Trek
WizKids's new HeroClix set...NEXTWAVE!!!
Other New WizKids
  • -- Vlaada Chvatil designed Mage Knight
  • -- How does Multiple Man work? Tofurky Pizza (thanks, Laura!)
  • -- Kirkman's INVINCIBLE: Repli-Kate
Other New Stuff
  • The King's Speech (HBC as a sane dude)
  • Tim Burton Exhibit at Bell Lightbox
  • Parallels to tortured cartoonists - Etan Muskat, Dan Zabbal
  • 2001 at the Lightbox
  • Movies in between 2001 and Star Wars (Logan's Run, Zardoz)
  • Doctor Who Cold Open. (Search Youtube for that phrase)
Tron Legacy! And other new movies!
  • -- Issues of Control - Clu, the MCP, and Facebook
  • -- Not a HUGE letdown; looked great but a little thin.
  • -- Olivia Wilde: So Great!
  • -- Season of the Witch (Dominic Sena who did Gone in 60 Seconds)

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