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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Jul 27, 2009

Behold, our diligence!

We have detailed show notes this time, though they may come out a bit garbled. Still, we are hewing to our iron-clad 2-week schedule, we have something of a theme for this episode, and nobody was hurt.

0:45 Thanks, Listeners

2:00 The Onion: Our Dumb World (2 minutes)

3:50 EcoFluxx (2...

Jul 13, 2009

Episode 1: So you think you can podcast.

We're honestly not sure yet.

Herein, we introduce ourselves.  We discuss The War of 1812 (as rendered by Columbia Games).  We "review" the RiffTrax for 1982's epic "TRON", and we talk a bit about The Bitter Guy's initiation into Star Wars Miniatures.

The most important thing,...