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Episode 11: Remember the Artist

We remember fallen visionaries, and also Carl Macek.  (Bazinga? No seriously, I love The Sentinels.)  We talk about a bunch of comics that were out a couple of weeks ago by now.  We didn't have time to cover movies it's okay for geeks to cry at.  And nobody was hurt.


Shoe Notes -- "Remember The Artist"


Passing of Frazetta, and comics.

- Wolverine: LOGAN (Vaughan)

- Wolverine: Adamantium Men (Aaron) --Britney Backup Dancers and Cabaret

- 100 Bullets (Azzarello)

- LTTP:  Invincible big fat book 1. (Kirkman)



- The People Vs George Lucas (CGI and HD?)

- Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (via Objectivisim)

- Bioshock 2


Digression into Giant Robots.

- "I don't know why I'm talking about Evangelion"

- Robotech, "Japanamation"

Transforming Robots, Starcraft 2 Beta

- Farewell, Carl Macek


Iron Man 2, and back to comics.

- SHIELD comic (Hickman)

- Secret Warriors GOOD (Hickman)

- Marvel Zombeis 3 (Van Lente) -- Better Than Cilantro 

- How it's an unofficial sequel to Nextwave and same goes for Who Won't Wield The Shield

- Secret Warriors Siege :P (Hickman)

- Hercules Mini (and errors)

- "Do Anything" (Warren Ellis) with Robot Head of Philip K. Dick


RPGs and Miscellany.

- Green Ro-NEEN and DC Mutants and Masterminds

- Romper Room!

- Unreason and Dragon Magazine

- Congratulations, Jerome!

- Congratulations, Chris!


Last threads, other comics.

- Scalped and Godland I am reading

- Patton Oswalt's Firefly Comic Book

- June 23rd Can't Stop the Serenity

- Dragon Lady and Joe!

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