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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Oct 9, 2009

Music of the Spheres (51 minutes) - Even longer, but we're making up for lost time - and episode!  "Scenes from a Food Court" is recapped, and then we LAUNCH... into Nerd Rock and Space Opera.  The connective tissue is provided by Kirby Krackle ( and their song "Ring Capacity".  We're pretty sure nobody was hurt.

Show Notes:

0:25 Cheers!  (It's just Fruit Juice actually)
1:10 Scenes From a Food Court Recap; Cthulhu Rising
- 2:15 Under the Mountain, Harness your Twinness; Super-Friends with Benefits
- 3:45 Board Game: Arkham Horror
- 4:40 some 3-D Joe Dante Movie
- 6:10 Really, Arkham Horror
- 9:10 Cosmic Encounter! -- and how to teach players race for the galaxy

12:50 Nerd Music Spectacular!
- 12:50 Darkest of the Hillside Thickets -- Spaceship Zero
- 14:05 The Kirby Krackle
- 15:07 Excerpt from Ring Capacity (30 sec)
- 18:25 Back in the '80s
- 19:35 Do You Want to Date My Avatar, and Felicia Day
- 22:15 Pizza Break; My Roommate the Guitar Hero
- 24:10 Glee

26:25 Things to ask Edgar Wright -- and ANTi-Heroes
28:15 Comics
- 28:15 The Incredible Hulk - Penetrating Public Consciousness, Accessibility
- 30:15 Konnecting Kirble Krackle to Kosmick Komicks
- 30:25 Cosmic Heroes!!!
- 30:55 Lensman and Green Lantern
- 33:55 Cosmics: The Blackest Night
- 35:25 Digressions: Animated Stuff, and Secretary
- 37:15 Letdowns: World War Hulk, Mega-Crossovers, Dark Reign
- 38:41 Our First Bleep
- 39:15 Marvel Annihilation! Cosmic Epics Done Right
- 40:44 The Xanadarian World-Mind: are cosmics inaccessible to laymen?
- 44:25 Marvel Cosmics vs. DC Cosmics (Annihilation/Kings vs. Blackest Night)

46:20 Cosmic Roleplaying: Starblazer Adventures
- 48:00 TSR's Marvel Superheroes, FUDGE and FATE

49:45 Coming up next time!  Including "Movies it's okay for Geeks to cry at"
50:10 and we out

over fourteen years ago

Finally got caught up. Good stuff, although I\'ve noted on this one (near the end) and the hurricane one (at the beginning and throughout) the sound sometimes cuts out for moment. Something wrong with how I\'m listening or an by product of the podcast editing?

Also- do you guys actually have a list of movies geeks can cry at, or is this like the oft-teased by never done \"Sex and D&D\" from the original run of What\'s New??