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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Aug 10, 2009

I knew this would happen!

We recorded this episode a week early, and consequently we remain on our two-week schedule even though we didn't get a chance to record one on our normal schedule.

Next episode: "movies it's okay for geeks to cry at".

Our Internet-famous friend Chris Bird (explosively-talented author and editor of came by to make us seem smarter and funnier.  We planned to talk about Matt Fraction, but we diverged and had fun anyway, and nobody was hurt.

WARNING: THIS ONE HAS SWEARING IN IT.  (The parts about Michael Ignatieff and Greg Land, in particular.)

0:25 - Welcome Mighty God King!  Also, Knitting Podcasts. (2 minutes)

3:00 - Board Game: Thurn and Taxis... and zombies? (5 minutes)

7:30 - The Smoothest Segue You'll Ever Hear into Comics, but actually The Toronto Garbage Strike.  (4 minutes)

11:15 - What is a '70s hero?  Is Iron Man one?  (4 minutes)

14:55 - The Nineties: a Time of Ignorance.  Spider-Man's Clone Saga. (4 minutes)

18:25 - We try again to talk about Matt Fraction's Iron Man, but then we talk about Greg Land, and Earth Expansion.  (5 minutes)

23:10 - Iron Fist!  And it's pronounced "Swer-Jin-Ski". (3 minutes)

26:00 - When is it Joe Quesada's fault? Also, how to come back from the dead. (3 minutes)

29:20 - Comic-con!  Tron!  Marvelman Rights!  World War Red She-Hulks!  and... Thunder Agents? (10 minutes)

39:00 - Multiverses! (1 minute)

40:10 - Oh dear lord it's forty minutes, Ilan attempts to point this out but we talk about Bone instead! (4 minutes)

44:00 - Pouches, and farewell (2 minutes)