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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Jan 1, 2013

We have our Rush t-shirts and a new year has started. It's time to reconnect with you, our treasured listeners, and just barely fail to talk in-depth about the amazing comic "Saga". We will, however, cover some games, a visit from a dear friend, and a movie or two.

1. (1:00) Star Wars Edge of Empire RPG

- It's Firefly and Futurama, with Funny Dice (dice app)

- Ilan's specious comparisons to FATE and Cortex

- Compared to Star Wars Saga Edition?

- Fantasy Flight will be releasing the game in a manner similar to their 40k system

- Notes on the "Edge of the Empire" setting

2. (11:20) Jerome Comeau, King of Tokyo

- Welcome to Toronto, Jerome Comeau!

- Sauced: since we last podcasted, they began and ended, and put out as many episodes as we ever did. Ever!

- Poutineries in Toronto: Smoke's and Poutini's. Ilan's Daiya Cheesemongering.

- How King of Tokyo works - rules, and dice.

3. (17:00) Other two-player games

- Spot It

- Kahuna ("A Full Web")

- Burger Joint

4. (20:00) Sentinels of the Multiverse

- That's what those crackling noises were, Ilan unpacking it.

- All about Sentinels of the Multiverse, how it works.

- That it's the Kickstartered second edition.

- As a single-player game.

5. (23:50) HALO 4

- Co-op gameplay, playing online.

- Thinking back on ODST, Reach.

6. (26:00) Brief return to Sentinels of the Multiverse

- Character design

- Comparison to Fantasy Flight's "Death Angel"

7. (27:25) Movies: Argo, Kirby

- Argo. "Made in Canada", but "you have to change history". Alan Arkin and John Goodman.

- Jack Kirby's storyboards. And Devil Dinosaur.

- "Cashing in on the Sci-fi craze."

- Did it succeed in nuance and balance? Are any historical movies "true"?

8. (35:00) Skyfall, and Ken and Robin

- Skyfall. What's the authoritative James Bond?

- Plug for "Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff"

- Did Skyfall have the things you need to have a James Bond movie?

- Character of "Eve" - a female character in a James Bond movie

9. (39:00) Quick Saga Chat, with a promise of more

- We'll do Saga next episode in depth.

- Worth a reread and good for sharing, at Image Starter Pricing ($10)

- Pricing on trades!

- Incal and Lost riding a dinosaur through rocket-ship forest; Esperanto-speaking Jedi druids versus winged laser-imperialists, with robot mercenaries and lying cats. All the things are in the book.

- If you don't like it "I will not actually punch you."

- We got a new microphone (Blue Yeti)

- Canadian law on Wendigos

10. (44:00) Signoff, and things to look forward in the future:

- AT SOME POINT FanExpo "lost episode", perhaps edit back together at some point.




- Disney purchase of Lucasfilm in more depth