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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Dec 10, 2011

We're just a little wintry! We're still good! We're still good. Sad Trombone.

We're back after a frenzied summer and a busy school semester.

News, movies and trailers:

New TV!

  • Community!
    • Seneca's group of self-loathing misfits.
  • Modern Urban Fairytales!
    • Grimm and Once Upon a Time - the de Lint collector?
    • Why don't they ever get more inclusive about fairytales?

The Summer!

  • Justin and FanExpo Canada!
    • Admission policy for gaming. But it's worth it - Aaron Douglas, stand-up guy.
    • Feedback on FanExpo gaming?


  • Etan Muskat in Sorry, Rabbi!
    • Marc Slutsky, Jessica ParĂ©, Jacob Tierney
    • Other Canadian shorts: Paris Quintet
  • The Day - cannibal hilbillies instead of zombies
    • Good guest stars: Shawn Ashmore, Shannyn Sossamon, Dominic Monaghan
  • Letter to Momo
    • My Neighbour Totoro, Summer Days with Coo
  • Monster in Paris
  • Extra Terrestrial

Non-TIFF movies over the Summer!

  • Attack the Block!
    • Utter genius: Bromwell High vs. Predator!
  • Another Earth
  • Drive
  • In Time

Digression: Biff, Bam, Pop! The Illuminatus Trilogy!

Next time: on Tim Rice and Michael Bay!