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"4 and change"

Continuing from last episode: one last Great War tidbit.  A bunch of things related to the number 4 (the square root of 16, which is how many episodes this is), and also things changing.  Nobody was hurt this time, because time may change me, but I can't change the rules of fourth edition D&D.


- Wraith: The Great War (best roleplayer!)

  • other White Wolf historical settings for the Old World of Darkness
  • also Apocalypse versus Forsaken -- topical, people!
  • Justin's Great War GenCon experience

- D&D 4 Essentials

  • Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Forgotten Kingdoms, and... rules
  • "Red Box vs. Unearthed Arcana"
  • And then the ACTUAL new Red Box
  • What do you need for D&D?
  • Rules compendium is really all you need for game except character generator
  • Player books include all basic rules and equipment
  • DM set is weird, and so is the dice box -- for tiles buy frickin' tiles, for dice buy the red box, and for a straight DMG, why not get DMG 1 and 2, probably as cheap as the new box anyway and full of Robin Laws goodness

- Ravenloft: "Is it bigger than a Red Box?"

  • a complete game, great components, just a d20, a zillion minis
  • modular, like Descent or Space Hulk, but with a Dracolich
  • Incursion is another grid-tactics boardgame, which we may review later.

- Gamma World: "Why are we even talking about this?! Why aren't we PLAYING?!"

  • Some pent-up nerd rage: omitted mention of the White Wolf version
  • Though it's up for debate -- "...including versions based on d20?"
  • Basically 4e but more gonzo!
  • Brad Murray's review: http://www.vsca.ca/halfjack/?p=757
  • Might be more enjoyable than our GaryCon Tomb of Horrors 3.5E adventure

- iPhone 4: "iPhone, do this!"

  • Voice activation is pretty good, power is better
  • Tim Sullivan of Without Software - awesome iOS developer: http://withoutsoftware.com/

- Season 4 of Venture Brothers

  • Hasn't aired in Canada yet
  • It will make you grow a blonde mullet.

- Something about change

  • Also Heroscape being discontinued.


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