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Squideye and The Bitter Guy

An ongoing conversation between friends.

Nov 10, 2010

"Remember, Remember"

Recorded the day after Guy Fawkes day.  It's now 2 years since we first conceptualized the podcast with a pad of paper at Free Times Cafe after the Queen's Park Remembrance Day ceremony in 2008.  So we'll talk about World War One, which some people claim was "great".  Usually we claim nobody was hurt, but in World War One, many people died.

- Remembrance day, and the First World War:

- XBox Live Arcade and the First World War:

  • Toy Soldiers - the trial is great, the game's a slog
  • Snoopy Flying Ace - just plain super duper great

- Televised British Comedy and the First World War:

- Board Games about Being a Flying Ace:

- Movies it's okay... d'oh

over thirteen years ago

Welcome back guys. You have me interested in Guns of August and I've got the Billy Bishop special queued up on As always, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for those movies that it's okay for geeks to cry at. I need to shed some tears; it's not healthy to keep it inside. Help a geek out.

over thirteen years ago

Say, you do know that the Great War was called "great" because of its global scale (the likes of which had never been seen before), right? Not because everyone was having such a good time...

On a less serious note, watch the movie The Trench if you enjoy films about WWI.