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Episode 13: Where Did the Time Go?


Back in Time, on (roughly) our one-year anniversary, and (roughly) Back to the Future's 25th. We talk time travel - Chrononauts, Doctor Who, a few videogames like Mass Effect 2 and Transformers: War for Cybertron, and touch on the works of Terry Pratchett.


Notes and such:


Who would play Boy George in A-team sequel cameo?

We did some karaoke (sadly learning All American Rejects lyrics) at the Canada Day Barbecue - our one year anniversary was our last one!  Ilan was exposed to Doctor Who - Empty Child, Doctor Dances, and went off to watch the beginning of the Eccleston run.

Back to the Future's 25th anniversary of release was very recent. On a Time Travel theme, Justin introduces Chrononauts and discusses Umbrella Academy: Dallas.

Ilan talks comics - Astonishing Wolverine and Spider-man (BEST THING), Wolverine Insane In the Brain (competent, but icky), Star Wars - Old Republic (BLECH), Dark Times Blue Harvest (SO GOOD), and the second last issue of Star Wars Legacy (I WANT TO PUNCH IT). Dropped in at Dragon Lady so a bunch to read next week.

Shout out to Joe at Dragon Ladyhttp://www.dragonladyshop.com/

We talk books, including RPGs.  Ilan picked up Reign Enchiridion and Tomb of Horrors 4e, and started Pratchett (Guards! Guards). Justin has read up to Unseen Academicals and has his reasons for hesitating there.

Shout out to David at Galaxionhttp://galaxioncomics.com/

This week, we didn't play any new tabletop games together for discussion. In video games, Justin finished Mass Effect 2 ("Mass Harder"), Ilan loves the new Transformer game (War for Cybertron).

Ilan played some miniatures games, though - the new Mongoose Judge Dredd Minis Game (Block Wars?) - at Meeplemart, and more Firestorm Armada (against Chris "Wapcaplets" Engler). Also picked up, haven't played, the Battles of Westeros and Fires of Midway board games.




New movies are just around the corner.  Scott Pilgrim is due on August 13th, as is The Expendables. Justin is not quite looking forward to Expendables -- perhaps they're trying too hard?  We got our first look at the Thor and Green Lantern costumes, which launches us into a debate over continuity, cheesiness, and masculinity.

Then the @OldSpiceGuy settles all debates over his masculinity with over a hundred YouTube cliplets, interrupting himself just to patch an oil spill in the Gulf.

Next time we'll talk about the Rush show, Scott Pilgrim Volume 6, and Movies it's Okay for Geeks to Cry At. At least nobody was hurt.

And! And! A shout out to Richard Morris' "Yet Another Fantasy Gaming Comic", a Canadian (I have to say it!) fantasy webcomic - thanks to listener and friend-since-I-could-generate-a-character Hilary. http://yafgc.net/

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